Our History

LexCentral Steel, formerly Lexington Steel, was founded in 1968 and currently operates out of Bedford Park and Chicago. Our Bedford Park facility is a stone’s throw away from Chicago Midway Airport and located just outside the city limits.

.LexCentral, Lexington Steel Corporation.
Over the past 50 years the Corporation has grown immensely. In 1997 the Corporation was reinvented by our current CEO, Robert Douglass, key management personnel, and investors who jointly improved the Corporation’s machinery, quality controls, logistics and customer service.

In 2013, LexHolding Corporation was created to encompass LexCentral, LexWest and LexSouth. Since the creation of LexHolding, the Corporation has grown to incorporate Douglass Logistics Inc. into its vast portfolio of distribution industry leaders.

We have survived over five decades by operating on a unique distribution process that eliminates costs and provides our customers with superior production quality, logistical support and high quality products.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve increased distribution by over 250 percent. LexCentral Steel prides itself on remaining technology advanced, customer orientated and abreast of new developments in the ever-changing steel industry.

LexCentral Steel emphasizes delivering value to our customers by utilizing our cost effective and innovative operating philosophy.


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